Director’s notes

Questioning myself about the relation between the imaginary and the construction of the personality, I invited Antoine to the creation process of this movie.

For the first time, he plays a symbolic game where he becomes Detective Antoine, where he explores the world that surrounds him and his own magical mind. With incredible enthusiasm, he collaborates to the soundtrack creation by capturing and choosing sounds and creating and recording sounds. Therefore, Antoine proposes us a point of view, worthy of his universe.

His detective missions gave him the motivation to search, the pleasure to dream and the satisfaction to learn. He also gave himself the liberty of becoming a journalist and invented a radio show where he asks questions, explains his missions and shares his discoveries.

During a two years period, Antoine and I have worked together, which allowed us to understand his uniqueness, by his remarkable interest in learning, by his movements to feel the space and by his difficulty in establishing relationships with his peers.

Like every other five years old child, Antoine is not aware of the immensity and the challenges of the world. It is through the reconstruction of his imaginary that he will be able to live these situations. Through missions that I gave him, his creative mind, his self-expression and his capacity of making relations, were stimulated in a totally different form.
He learns how to manipulate a camera and microphones, he understands the mechanism of filmmaking and chooses the equipment to capture the sounds. He verifies, compares and suggests. Without skipping any details, he collaborates to each creation stages.
Through his steps, his hearing and his touch, Antoine visited the images that he will never see. He integrated them in his uneatable and quiet universe.