The Book


The Fruit Hunters film is inspired by the national best seller The Fruit Hunters: A Story Of Nature, Adventure, Commerce And Obsession by Adam Leith-Gollner – a perfect place to start if you want to learn more about the adventures of the fruits and characters featured in the film.

You can purchase a copy online from the American publisher Simon & Schuster, in Canada from Random House of Canada, or  at the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble
McNally Robinson

  • Editors’ choice, New York Times book review
  • Winner, Mcauslan first book award
  • Finalist, Mavis Gallant prize
  • National bestseller


Delicious, lethal, hallucinogenic, and medicinal — fruits have led nations to war, fueled dictatorships, and lured people into new worlds. An expedition through the bizarre and fascinating world of fruit, The Fruit Hunters is the engrossing story of one of earth’s most desired foods. Enter a Willy Wonka-like world with mangoes that taste like piña coladas, orange cloudberries, peanut butter fruits, and the miracle fruit that turns everything sour sweet, making lemons taste like lemonade. Peopled with a cast of characters as varied and magical as the fruit — smugglers, inventors, explorers and epicures — this extraordinary book unveils the mysterious universe of fruit, from the jungles of Borneo to the prized orchards of Florida’s fruit hunters to American supermarkets. Gollner examines the fruits we eat and explains why we eat them — the scientific, economic, and aesthetic reasons; he traces the life of mass-produced fruits — how they are created, grown, and marketed; and he explores the underworld of fruits that are inaccessible, ignored, and even forbidden in the Western world.”