Peter Wintonick, 1953-2013

Peter Wintonick, poet, filmmaker, journalist and programmer passed away quietly on the morning of Nov 18, 2013.

He has helped create some of the most ground-breaking documentaries of the past few decades, including Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media.  As a tireless mentor, he has helped almost everyone in the documentary world.

BE HERE NOW: Peter Wintonick’s Search For Utopia

When Peter was diagnosed with cancer, he saw it, as he saw pretty much everything, as an opportunity for art. He planned out a last film that would reflect on his work, his influences, and most importantly the philosophy he lived his lived by – BE HERE NOW. We, his colleagues at EyeSteelFilm, in collaboration with his daughter Mira and his wife Christine, intend to follow through on this vision.

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Be Here Now – Peter Wintonick’s Search For Utopia


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Peter Wintonick, 1953-2013