Manic chronicles filmmaker Kalina Bertin’s struggle to make sense of the legacy of mental illness wreaking havoc over her siblings’ lives. Convinced that her father holds a key piece of the puzzle, she sets out to find the truth about him, and discovers a man known alternately as a cult leader, a scam artist, a prophet, and a father of fifteen. Manic invites the viewer on a compelling and intimate journey through time and through the mind, where past and present collide.


International Premiere at Hot Docs 2017



Writer/Director: Kalina Bertin

Cinematographer: Kalina Bertin

Producers: Marina Serrao, Kalina Bertin

Editor: Anouk Deschênes

Music: Octavio Torija Alvarez

Executive Producers: Bob Moore, Mila Aung-Thwin, Daniel Cross