Still Tomorrow


When one of her poems is shared more than a million times on Chinese social media, Xiuhua Yu’s life changes overnight. Disabled by cerebral palsy, Yu has worked her entire life on her parents’ small rural farm, stuck in an unhappy arranged marriage. Her poetry initially serves not only as a means of exploring feelings of desire and longing, but as an escape from the drudgery of day to day life. As she gains in popularity, her poems become a gateway to fame, wealth and greater independence. We follow Yu over the course of a year on this transformative journey, at once moving and painful, towards greater artistic and personal freedom.


Canadian premiere at Hot Docs 2017 



Presented by: Yang Weidong Victor Koo
Executive Producers: Wang Ping Wei Ming Liu Kailuo
Producers: Yu Hongmiao Xu Zitao
Co-producers: Cheng Leer Lu Yang
Directed by: Fan Jian
Cinematography: Xue Ming Fan Jian
Sound Recordist: Isabella Zang
Sound Designer: Li Danfeng
Edited by: Matthieu Laclau Fan Jian
Consultant: Bob Moore
Editing Consultant: Jean Tsien, ACE
Editing Assistant: Marine Chiu
MoFei Pictures Sound Departement
Sound Editor: Gao Rui Feng
Foley Artist: Liu Yan
Distribution: Clara Pan
Production Assistants: Zhang Zhitong Dai Fulin Liu Ziru Trilen Xiao
Camera Assistants: Wei Gao Wang Jian Wu Yuanhang
Script Supervisor: Isabella Zang
Colorist: Hung Wenkai
Editing Assistant: Marine Chiu
Timeline studio Post production coordinator: Joanne Lee
Subtitles Translator: Han Dong
Proofreading: Ning Xin
Poems Translators: Ai Luo Wang Tu Michael Grafals
Poster Design  Lu Yunfan

Intimate Portrait Composed & performed by Philip Guyler
Moment Of Release Composed & performed by Richard Lacy / Barrie Gledden
Calm Composed & performed by Patrick Hawes
Published by Audio Network Ltd. under licence from Audio Network Ltd.