Homeless Nation

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Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavor founded by Daniel Cross. In the making of his films “THE STREET: a film with the homeless” and “S.P.I.T. – Squeegee Punks In Traffic”, hundreds of Montreal’s homeless community shared their many, amazing stories with him. So many, that he was not able to fit them all into his films.

He conceived of a forum where these stories would not be lost. Where Canada’s homeless community could share their stories and refuse to be ignored. A place to create equal access to online media, of sharing truths through audio/visual content for everyone to learn from. To have these stories told as an on-going dialogue for social awareness and positive change. The site went live in 2003.


-Build and strengthen street communities, both virtual and actual, across Canada
-Provide access to the Internet, media and training to Canada’s homeless population
-Encourage discussion and learning on social issues surrounding homelessness
-Create dialogue between Canada’s homeless and mainstream society to counter isolation and marginalization
-Recycle and re-purpose technology for use by Canada’s homeless communities
-Break down stereotypes and barriers in our society
-Community development uniting resources serving the homeless
-Create a national collective voice by and for Canada’s homeless population


Homeless Nation’s outreach workers across Canada work in a variety of ways in collaboration with the homeless community. We work in shelters, day-centres, squats, at protests, community events, on the street and online.

We are dedicated to ensuring that digital tools for media, learning and communication are made available for homeless Canadians.

We place donated computers into shelters and drop-in centres – providing opportunities to create audio, visual or written testimonials from those whose voices are kept silent by their circumstances. We provide computer and Internet training. We meet Canada’s homeless individuals where they are, and collaborate to add as many voices to the chorus as we can.

Our website is an on-going community development project…a place for people to share their experiences and to learn about others… a place to look for lost friends…a place to connect to resources in Canada where one can find shelter, food, health care, harm reduction and legal assistance. is our online home for those who have none, and our tool for social justice and positive change.


In 2009, was recognized with the UN-based 2009 World Summit Award. This prestigious award is handed out only once every two years. competed against over 20 000 projects from 157 participating countries.

The WSA award marks the fourth such honour over the past year, other recognitions include a Canadian New Media Award and a Society for New Communications Research Award. On September 1, 2009 the New York-based New Media Institute announced that had won a 2009 New Media Award.

Despite these accolades, Homeless Nation desperately requires financial support to stay operational. The project is actively seeking corporate sponsorships, grants and donations. After a successful pilot program, finds itself without a budget and seeks core funding. Interested partners are urged to act quickly – without immediate assistance this exemplary project will be lost.


Founder: Daniel Cross
Producer: Mila Aung-Thwin
Web Producer: Brett Gaylor
Administration: Anuj Khosla
Coordinator: Chris Aung-Thwin
Technical Support/Outreach: Marco Luna
Vancouver Coordinator: Janelle Kelly
Vancouver Outreach: Colin Ford

Web Design and Programming – Whisky Echo Bravo
This site runs on DRUPAL, an open source content management system.
Legal Counsel: Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)

Co-Produced in association with:
The National Film Board of Canada
The Canada Council For The Arts
Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec
The Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund
Human Resources and Social Development Canada
Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts , Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture