A fun ride, filled with snazzy animations, enthusiastic talking heads and one helluva Girl Talk show


An entertaining, thoughtful, and politically committed articulation of what the filmmaker dubs the “copyLEFT”


A must-see for every single person. No exceptions.

Abort Magazine

The sexiest film about copyright infringement I’ve ever seen!

 CBC’s Q with Jian Gomeshi 

A playful call to arms for the copyfighting age.

Montreal Mirror

It matches its smarts with a great deal of wit, fantastic editing, a great love for movies and … a note of absolute hope that change can come. What does that remind you of?


Gaylor packages a cultural revolution into a thought provoking and sexy 80 minutes

Victoria News

About as edgy and fascinating a glimpse you’ll get into one of the more pressing issues of our Internet Age.

Montreal Gazette

Interview with director Brett Gaylor in Wired Magazine:

 Want a Remix Manifesto? Name Your Price, Says RiP Director