This film is dedicated to Grandma Jiang and her family

Characters in Order of Appearance

Granddaughter – Xiang Chen-Chen

Grandma Jiang – Jiang Su-Hua

Mr. Kou – Kou Shao-Xi

3rd Daughter – Xiang Jia-Rong

Xiao Da – Da Wan-Bi

“The Fifth” – Xiang Qian-Hong

2nd Daughter – Xiang Jia-Li

4th Daughter – Xiang Shao-Jun

Li Ke-Hua – Shao Su-Hua

Director & Producer

Xun Yu “Fish”

Supervising Producer

Daniel Cross

Creative Producer

Tao Gu

Production Financing

Zhi Ge Yu

Fei Chen


Tao Gu

Cinematography & Sound

Xun Yu “Fish”

Post-Production Supervisor

Phil Hawes

Post-Production Coordinator

Emmet Henchey

Sound Re-recordist

Tim Horlor

Color Correction

Olivier Gossot

English Subtitles

Rose Waterman

Graphic Design

Clauco Bermudez

Gratitude to

Yan Feng

Feng Pan

Maureen Kennedy

Martin Duckworth

Geroge Bogardi

Ya Zhu Chen

Aonan Yang

Marcus Von Holtzendorff

Jacquelyn Mills

Peter Rist

Roy Cross

Rene Daigle

Cheryl Williams

Amely Jurgenliemk

Amy Schwartz

Marlene Millar

Olivia Ward

Nathan Oliver

Marco N. L. Barahona

Special thanks to all the West Street residents

Without their support this film could not have been made