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VOLCANO premiered as part of the official competition of the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Films Festival, and won the prestigious LOUVE D’OR during the 40th Festival du nouveau cinéma.

When Hannes retires from his job as a janitor, he is is confronted with a family life he’d neglected over the years: the resentment of his children with whom he’s never managed to really communicate; his wife’s tender indifference which gradually replaced the love in their relationship; the loneliness of daily life now that longtime friends have moved on. Yet far from laying on the pathos, Rúnar Rúnarsson, the Icelandic prodigy who’s already made his mark with his shorts Anna (2009) and 2 Birds (2008), delivers one of the most beautiful “mature” love stories since Andreas Dresen’s Cloud 9. How do you prove your commitment to the person you love and with whom, for better or for worse, you’ve spent most of your life? Volcano is a magnificent tribute to those who never stop learning how to love.