In Theaters June 8th, 2015

June, 1945. Badly injured, her face destroyed, Auschwitz survivor Nelly returns to her hometown, Berlin. She is accompanied by Lene, an employee of a Jewish agency and Nelly’s friend from the pre-war days. Having barely recovered from facial surgery, Nelly ignores Lene’s warnings and sets out to find her husband, Johnny – the love of her life who, by refusing to abandon their marriage, protected her from Nazi persecution for so long. Nelly’s family has been murdered in the Holocaust. Johnny is convinced that his wife, too, is dead. When Nelly finally tracks him down, he recognizes nothing but an unnerving resemblance and doesn’t believe it could really be her. Hoping to secure her family’s inheritance, Johnny suggests to Nelly that she take on the identity of his late wife. Nelly agrees: She becomes her own imposter. She wants to know whether Johnny loved her – and whether he betrayed her. Nelly wants her old life back.


En salle le 8 Juin 2015

Au lendemain de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Nelly, une survivante de l’Holocauste revient chez elle sous une nouvelle identité. Elle découvre que son mari l’a trahie…

Awards & Festivals

  • German Film Critics Association Awards 2015 : Nomination «  Best Film »
  • Winner ! Hong Kong International Film Festival 2015 – SIGNIS Award – Special Mention
  • Winner ! San Sebastián International Film Festival 2014 – FIPRESCI Prize


Playlist Review : « Petzold distills a familiar atmosphere to create a work veiled in vibrant, cohesive, sensitively stimulating power. »