A searing documentary about family…The details of Asimakopoulos’ difficult past create an intense focus on family dynamics that winds up revealing more about our similarities than our differences.  Over and above all, you’ll fall in love with the filmmaker’s parents.

The Toronto Sun

A gentle affair, involving drug addiction, a lot of yelling and over-attentive mothering. A likeable heartfelt diary film that aims for emotional catharsis and…hits the target.

The Globe and Mail

As compelling as anything by Eugene O’Neill, but with more lamb.

Jay Stone

Giving the audience reason to squirm in their seats, this exploration of self as an amalgamation of past signifiers impresses with its sheer honesty and openness, treating the subject without slant or bias to give us the bigger picture of what connects a family.


The journey Asimakopoulos takes us on makes for a compulsive, sad, funny and profoundly moving experience

Greg Klymkiw’s Film Corner


Interview with the director Tony Asimakopoulos

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Director’s talk  (Video in Greek)