Written and Directed by

Laura Turek

Sally Bochner
Tamara Lynch

Executive Producers
Mila Aung-Thwin
Daniel Cross

Bob Moore

Director of Photography
Michael Wees

Production Coordinator
Amber Verville

Sound Recording
Pablo Villegas
Kyle Stanfield
Nick Huard

Still Photographers
Lois Siegel
Nicolas Canniccioni

Meiyen Chan

Original Music
Janet Lumb & Dino Giancola

Additional Music
Toxic Crayons

Adrian Burhop

Tamara Lynch
Sally Bochner
Laura Turek
Lois Siegel
Elaine Shatenstein
David Poon

Lidia Di Nallo
Davina Palik

Stock Shots

Rina Gupta
Jeffrey L. Derevensky
Isabelle Martin
International Centre for Youth Gambling
Problems and High-Risk Behaviors
(McGill University)
Jane Aston
Rideauwood Addictions
& Family Services, Ottawa
Marc Demaine
Portage, Montréal

Educational Consultant
Maureen Baron

Dialogue Editor
Luc Raymond

Foley Artist
Paul Hubert

Assistant Foley Artist
Danielle Bérard

Foley Recordist
Éric Med Lagacé

Voice Recording
Roger Guérin

Supervising Sound Editor/Rerecording Mixer
Cory Rizos

Graphics Design
Francis Hanneman

Post production/Technical Supervisor
Michael MK Siu

Assistant Editor
Edmund John Duff

Logging and Transcription
Mia Donovan
Trevor Anderson
Edmund John Duff
Anjet Blinde

For CBC News Network
Andrew Johnson

Produced with the participation of
Canadian Television Fund
created by the Government of Canada
and the Canadian Cable Industry

Rogers Documentary Fund
Developed with the assistance of
Produced by EyeSteelFilm
in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation