“A supremely entertaining, funny and ultimately moving portrait that’s as warm as Christmas and Hanukkah combined.”
Film Corner with Greg Klymkiw

“Every so often I come across a documentary I can only describe as pure delight.”
Top Five Films from the Whistler Film Festival
“A satisfying, thoughtful romp in the genre, its history and its subculture of aficionados”
The National Post

“… the film will enjoy the same fate as the handful of Christmas songs that have stuck like pine needles in the carpet and become a perennial seasonal phenomenon.”
The Globe and Mail

“Étonnant. Touchant. Original. Psychotronique. Le documentaire québécois Jingle Bell Rocks! est tout cela à la fois et un peu plus encore.”
(“Amazing. Touching. Original. Psychotronic. Quebec documentary Jingle Bell Rocks! is all that and a little more.”)
La Presse

“À travers les anecdotes, les souvenirs et l’analyse d’un genre musical mal aimé, Jingle Bell Rocks nous imbibe de la magie des fêtes grâce à sa trame sonore sans faute de goût et, surtout, grâce à la candeur de Mitchell Kezin.”

(Through anecdotes, memories and the analysis of an unloved musical genre, Jingle Bell Rocks soaks us in the magic of the holidays, thanks to its faultlessly chosen soundtrack and, especially, through the innocence of Mitchell Kezin.)Voir

“If you like Christmas music, you cannot miss this movie. It’s everything a holiday music fan could ask for. Featuring great songs that stray from the norm, and a group of people who know all about a love of the season, this movie will brighten your holiday.”Toronto Film Scene

“The greatest thing about the documentary, aside from the witty insights from the aforementioned array of characters, is undeniably the abundance of great Christmas tunes (most of which you’ve probably never heard of).”
Grolsch Filmworks

“A rambling tour of Yuletide frivolity that comes from a very serious — and personal — place for the writer-director.”
The Toronto Star

“Christmas songs as you’ve never heard them before! Jingle Bell Rocks is a fun foray into the world of obscure, secular Christmas songs and the people who collect them (or make them).”
Montreal Gazette

“This is the first thing this year that actually got me excited for the holidays, and I think there’s something deeper going on here than just the study of Christmas music and the people who collect it.”

Feature interview with director  Mitchell Kezin : NOW Toronto