Canadian Chinese-language doc to open RIDM

The Hollywood Reporter:

Canadian Chinese-language doc to open RIDM.

TORONTO — RIDM, Quebec’s international documentary film festival, is to open Nov. 11 with a world premiere for “Last Train Home,” a Canadian film about Chinese migrant factory workers, organizers said Tuesday.

The Chinese-language documentary from Montreal indie producer EyeSteelFilm and director Lixin Fan follows the Zhangs, a couple torn between factory work in Guangzhou and a daughter they see once a year, at Chinese New Year, after an arduous two-day train journey.

Montreal-based EyeSteelFilm produced Yung Chang’s 2007 documentary “Up The Yangtze,” which earned a Genie for best Canadian documentary and was released stateside by Zeitgeist Films.

Fan, who worked for China Central Television before emigrating to Canada, was an associate producer on “Up The Yangtze.”