Inside Lara Roxx opens in Montreal on November 25th

We are proud to announce that Mia Donovan’s feature-length documentary INSIDE LARA ROXX opens in Montreal on Friday November 25 at Cinema Parallèle (Ex-Centris: 3536 Boulevard St-Laurent). Please come to the opening weekend – the director will be in attendance for Question and Answers.


POV Magazine

“It’s a harrowing journey, but it’s also one of those powerful docs that manage to forge beyond the valley of the tabloids. Yes, Roxx’s story in innately sensational – how can it not be? – but Donovan treats Roxx with respect that gives the film and its subject depth and humanity.” (Matthew Hays)

The Globe and Mail (4 stars out of 4)

“It’s a dark, depressing, drug-drenched saga, unflinchingly honest, sympathetic without being sucky. Yeah, there is hope at the end but not a lot.”