Creative Reality

Deprogrammed – Winner, Digital Storytelling Award, IDFA 2016.

A lab within a lab

EyeSteelFilm’s Creative Reality Lab explores the use of emerging technologies to tell compelling non-fiction stories. With a focus on real people’s lives and real world issues, we search for the human in every experience – from film to VR to interactive installations. Drawing from a strong background in participatory cinema and documentary film, our lab approach has always been about working with a variety of people and skill sets to push empowering narratives. Today, our Creative Reality Lab focuses on bringing together interdisciplinary teams of creators, producers, coders, digital artists and poets, to explore new and unique ways of sharing insights about the human experience and our place in the world.

To date, we’ve produced award-winning projects such as Deprogrammed, Rip: A Remix Manifesto, Open Source Cinema, Homeless Nation, and collaborated on co-productions such as Do Not Track. Our current collaborators include the National Film Board, Dpt, the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Open Doc Lab and the Concordia Laboratory of Interactive Documentary (CLID).

We’re on the look-out for projects that push the creative boundaries of non-fiction and narrative forms.  What’s your story?


Projects in-progress



A journey into the exuberant, beautiful and chaotic world of a bipolar imagination.

Chomsky vs. Chomsky

A playful interactive experience offering an intriguing and original look into the future.



The Big Picture

A collaboration with the UN’s new Centre for Humanitarian Data in The Hague


The Internet of Shit

Examining the hype and hubris hurtling towards the next frontier in the Internet’s evolution


Completed Projects



What do a radical Islamist, a Christian cult member and a white supremacist have in common?


I am the Blues

Explore the Blue Front Cafe in Mississippi.


Rip: A Remix Manifesto / Open Source Cinema

Remix, talkback, upload, connect.


Homeless Nation

An online hub for the homeless.




Hacking VR Course at MIT

Led by our Head of Creative Reality, Sandra Rodriguez, this pioneering course at MIT in collaboration with Oculus NextGen explores immersive media production. What better way to push a new technology forward than to break it, re-imagine it, and rebuild it in unexpected ways?


Do Not Track

If you share data with us, we’ll show you what the web knows about you.