Fed up with the corruption and stagnation of Canadian government, two hardcore punks from Montreal decide to tackle politics head on. Starbuck expresses his dissatisfaction with the Liberal party by stapling political statements to his forehead and shoving a Canadian flag up his ass. His outrageous stunts take aim at the ridiculousness of the system and are intended to provoke debate. Filmmaker Eric “Roach” Denis runs on a platform of electoral reform through proportional representation and runs workshops on helping homeless youth to vote. Along with his political rivals, Roach is thrust into the glare of the spotlight. After successful appearances on television and radio, Roach becomes strangely addicted to the media attention and realizes why you can’t trust politicians: they’re junkies too. Miffed, Starbuck critiques Roach for being seduced by the system and taking over the documentary, but it’s too late-Roach is hooked. Driven by a punk rock soundtrack, Punk the Vote! is an in-your-face primer on how the squeegee kid on your windshield could one day be your prime minister.

Directed by: Eric Roach Denis

Duration: 72 min

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