An EyeSteelFilm

in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada

Mila Aung-Thwin

Producers (NFB)
Kat Baulu
Germaine Ying-Gee Wong

Executive Producers
Daniel Cross
Mila Aung-Thwin

Executive Producers (NFB)
Ravida Din
Sally Bochner

Cinematographer & Associate Director
Mark Ellam

Tony Asimakopoulos
Brett Gaylor

Written & Directed by
Brett Gaylor

Gregg Gillis
Mary Beth Peters
Cory Doctorow
Lawrence Lessig
Dan O’Neill
The Gillis Family
Mark Hosler
Charlie Angus
David Greubel
Elisa Greubel
RaeJ Schwartz
Patti Santangelo
Don Smith
Robert Crane
Jammie Thomas
Amp Live
Bruce Lehman
Sany Pitbull
DJ Marlboro
Gilberto Gil
The students of
Pensando Juntos

Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec
Programme d’aide aux jeunes créateurs

Crédit d’impot cinéma et télévision – Gestion SODEC

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The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit
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Produced with the financial participation of



And with excerpts from “Basement Tapes”, supported by The Canada Council For The Arts

Produced in association with


Executives for Documentary
Michael Burns
Bruce Cowley


An Astral Media Network

Director, Original Programming
Sylvie de Bellefeuille

Associate Producer
Brett Gaylor

Development Producer
John Christou

Production Manager
Halima Ouardiri

Project Administrator
Anuj Khosla

Business Affairs
Bob Moore
John Christou

Additional Camera
Zacharie Fay
Mila Aung-Thwin
Brett Gaylor
Stefan Hess
Robin McKenna
James Larden
Alec Matthewson
Barry Stone

Location Sound
Brett Gaylor
Mila Aung-Thwin
Kyle Stanfield
Pablo Villegas
Richard Aylsworth

Featured Music
Girl Talk
Olivier Alary (O-Ensemble)
DJ Food
Amp Live
Amon Tobin

Original Music
Olivier Alary

Post Production Supervisor
Gary Evans

Post Production Coordinator
Michael MK Siu
Steve Halle (NFB)
Marysol Moran (NFB)
Brigitte Sénéchal (NFB)

Digital Editing Supervisor (NFB)
Danielle Raymond

Production Co-ordinator (NFB)
Sia Koukoulas

Supervising Sound Editor
Cory Rizos

Sound Designer
Kyle Stanfield

Re-recording Mixer
Cory Rizos

Additional Re-recording Masher
Gavin Fernandes, CAS

Voice Direction
Thor Bishopric

Studio Voice Recording
Chris Leon

Foley Artist
Alexis Farand

Foley Recordist
Eric Lagacé

Additional sound recording
Ryan Flynn
Jason Milligan
Ben Lazard
Kenny Bean

Editing consultants
Daniel Cross
Mark Ellam

Online Editor
Yannick Carrier

Francis Hanneman
Omar Majeed
Conor Higgins
Darren Pasemko
Kent Hugo
Brett Gaylor

James Braithwaite

Assistant Editors
Ryan Mullins
Brett Story
Drew Williamson
Conor Higgins
MK Siu

Rights Supervisor
Bob Moore

Rights Clearance Consultant
Elizabeth Klinck

Legal Consultant
David Fewer (CIPPIC)

Legal Affairs
Dean Chenoy (Heenan Blaikie)
Dominique Aubry (NFB)

Drew Williamson
Kirwan Cox
Rob Maguire
Daniela Broitman

Marisa Berry
Alex Costa

Unit Administrators (NFB)
Dan Emery
Nickie Merulla

Marketing Manager (NFB)
Moira Keigher

Production Trainee
Melisa Forero

Foreign Units

Daniela Broitman – Production Manager
Taisa Mattos – Production Co-ordinator
Luis Antonio Silveira – Production

Dave Merchant – Audio
Joel Gonzalez – Presentation
John Scates – Dolly Grip
Mike Starobin – Lighting

Jonathan Chang
Lixin Fan

Ursula Henzl

Genevieve Danforth

Robert Paquin
Robert Gray

Jessica Mayne
Edmund Duff
Cherine Benjelloun
Jon Cohen
Meghan Maike
Jimmy Medellin

Special Thanks
Shelley Baart
Kirsten + Laurence Gaylor
Genevieve Danforth
Xavier + Skylar Aung-Thwin
Nathaniel + Gabriel Spencer-Cross
Milena Collot
Robin McKenna
The Gillis Family

The filmmakers wish to thank

Philippa Lawson
David Fewer
Michael Geist
Tina Piper
Remy Khouzam
Dean Chenoy
Peter Wintonick
Francine Pelletier
Terry McBride
John Oswald
Bob Culbert
Cynthia Knight
Merrily Weisbord
Michael Burns
Sarah Whitehouse
Sean Farnel
Vincent Guzzo
Marlene Jennings
Neil Leyton
Claude Chamberlan
Loaded Pictures
Guerrilla News Network
Toronto Documentary Forum
Banff Television Festival
North By Northeast
Montreal International Jazz Festival
Blue Skies Turn Black
Club Lambi
Pop Montreal
Kodak Canada
Main Film
Mark Morgenstern
Elaine Edalfo
Mike Linksvayer
Joi Itto
Eric Steur
Victor Stone
Fred von Lohmann
Michael Weiss
The Grogg Shop
Andrew Strasser
Ray Beckerman
Lance Weiler
The Wexner Center for the Arts
Paris Hilton
Anthony Falzone
Pat Aufderheide
The Farbman Family
Sam Hunt
Kasey Price
Philo T. Farnsworth
Don Joyce
Allied Media Conference
Stanford University
South By Southwest
Kenneth McGraw
Mike Doyle
Matt Dinkel
Jon Nelson
Jordan Glass
Brian Toder
Charles Mudd
Diana Ingraham
Anthony Falzone
Adriana Pittigliani
Claudio Prado
Pensando Juntos
Nos de Morro
Hermano Vianna
DJ Woody
MC Gringo
MC Marcelly
Nerry Blow
Leandro HBL

Wei Zhang
Wang Shuibo
Chunyan Wang
DJ Food
Freelance Hellraiser
Cartel Communique
Mark Viddler
Sarah Bowden
Eddy Temple-Morris
Eric Kleptone

Audio Samples
“Raiding The 20th Century” by DJ Food
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Video Samples
“Bert and Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap” by stianhafstad
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Dan O’Neill photos courtesy Clay Geerdes estate
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No artists were hurt during the making of this film.

Produced by EyeSteelFilm

In co-production with the National Film Board of Canada



2008 Basement Tapes Productions Inc. / National Film Board of Canada