Those familiar with Jeff Barnaby’s short films know he’s one of the most unique voices to emerge from Canada in quite some time. -TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL


Maytag, a reservation displaced Mi’gMaq, latches onto the only other Indian within light years of the city only to have her snatched away by his drug dealer and friend.  Sadistically lovesick and drug addled, Maytag launches an insecticide on the cockroaches that have colonized his trailer convinced that they helped steal his fiancé.  Heart broken and thoroughly crushed, he turns to his only friend for solace, his chainsaw.  A demented allegory on miscegenation, the plight of modern native Canadians and their affinity for self-destruction. A bi-racial ménage a trois drenched in surrealist urban skank.

(Fiction, 2007, 24 min)

About the director

Jeff Barnaby was born and raised on the rural Mi’gMaq reserve of Listuguj Quebec.  A multi disciplined artist, he has won several awards for his artwork, poetry, short stories and films.  His work provides a bare knuckled view of the post colonial Indian and the world they live in.  Jeff Barnaby’s first short film, From Cherry English, won 2 Golden Sheaf awards and played in dozens of festivals including Sundance, Tribecca, Fantasia, Vancouver International Film Fest and the Atlantic International Film Fest. The Colony, Jeff Barnaby’s second short is a gritty depiction of deception, desolation and decay. Born of an imaginative script and proficiently executed, this powerful film witnesses cockroaches and chainsaws wreak havoc during one man’s descent into madness.



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