Directed by

Ryan Mullins and Omar Majeed


Ray-Man Ciminera

Tanya Guidon

Stephen Snow

Also Featuring

Danny Shawn Friedman

Joanne Garand

Christopher George

Olaf Grant

Meaghan Noonan-Mooney

Kerrie Wilson

Russell Young

David Allen

Lisa Walsh

Carl Boulos

Lacey Cammy

Kemoy Connor

John Felmeth

Lucien Gauthier

Robert Rozon

David Sulla

Meghan Vaudry

Mimosa Walker

Carlo Magtibay

Executive Producers

Mila Aung-Thwin

Daniel Cross


Bob Moore

Omar Majeed

Associate Producer

Daniela Flori

Karina Garcia Casanova

Director of Photography

Ryan Mullins

Additional Cameras

Edmund Duff

Zacharie Fay

Music by

Oliver Alary & Johannes Malfatti

Sound Recording

Omar Majeed

Pablo Villegas

Edmund Duff


Ryan Mullins

Omar Majeed

Sound Mix

Kyle Stanfield

Color Correction & Online Editor

Tony Manolikakis

Head of Distribution

Halima Ouardiri

Production Administrator

Anuj Khosla

Post- Production Interns

Jean-Jacques Martinod

Juliette Forster

Layla Lindquist

Legal Counsel

Remy Khouzam

Graphic Design

Mara Berger