Awards at Hot Docs!

What a great week at Hot Docs. First of all, it didn’t rain nearly as much as it was supposed to. Some HotDocs highlights:

-Laura Bari’s ANTOINE and Yung Chang’s ALI SHAN both premiered to great acclaim. Great Skype Introduction by Antoine himself at the Royal.
-Wim Wenders spent the day on Sunday helping turn Fruit Hunters into a film
-Toronto Documentary Forum (hosted for the first time by Elizabeth Radshaw – great job) in which we had an installation of Brett’s and showed filmmakers how to use our collaborative website.
-Yung Chang (pitching his Fruit Hunter film) waited until the final sunny afternoon of the TDF to set out a tray of Miracle fruit (the fruit that tricks your tongue into thinking everything sour is sweet) and lemons for the TV folks. We convinced many broadcasters to try the fruit, except, oddly, the people from at the Nature of Things.
-We had a great EyeSteelFilm party at Omar and Azed Majeed’s BASEMENT space. In lovely east Toronto (perfect for weeding out the non-adventurous).
-Mitch, Will, Dan, Brett, Yung all pitched new films.
-I saw two great films at the festival: OLD PARTNER and ENJOY POVERTY.
-And to cap it off, Brett Gaylor won the Don Haig Award, and Will Inrig and Laura Bari shared the Lindalee Tracy award. Congrats!