ESFcameraround Wins U.N. Award

Our website,, has just won a World Summit Award for best e-content! The website allows voices from the street to engage in peer-to-peer dialogues, learn skills, build self-esteem and share their lived experiences. competed against 20 000 projects from 157 countries participating in the United Nations based WSA e-content awards/ conference.

But despite four major awards over the past year, is desperately needs support to stay operational. There is a very easy way to donate small amounts to the project. Just click here:

At the moment, until we find a new source of funding, we are 100% donation and volunteer-based. So any donation helps.

“This award honors the hundreds of thousands of homeless Canadians whose voices are building this diverse website and in the process strengthening their communities, educating Canadians and breaking down stereotypes. Today let us celebrate the accomplishments of the members of Hopefully this recognition will help the project secure the funding it urgently needs to stay active ” Daniel Cross, President/Founder

Homeless Street Archive (HSA) is a not-for profit organization based in Montreal, Canada. In order to bridge the digital divide, documentary filmmaker Daniel Cross founded HSA and created in 2003. gives people on the street the opportunity to control their own voice and engage the public in a safe and supportive forum. Outreach workers with lived experience on the street, teach computer and media skills to facilitate self-expression, build self-esteem and strengthen community involvement. HSA helps individuals access resources, find housing and employment opportunities, re-connect with family and make healthier life choices to transition off the street. The website has 5000 members and has been growing quickly during these hard economic times.

The WSA is a flagship partner in the UN’s Global Alliance for ICT and Development and works in close collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO, and ISOC. WSA was started as an initiative in the framework of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society in 2003. The WSA hosts the world’s leading contest for excellence and creativity in e- content production and is dedicated to bridging the digital divide.

For this WSA award marks the fourth such honor in the past 10 months, other recognitions include a Canadian New Media Award and a Society for New Communications Research Award. On September 1, 2009 the New Media Institute announced that had won a New Media Award. Despite these accolades, Homeless Nation desperately requires financial support to stay operational. The project is actively seeking corporate sponsorships, grants and donations. After a successful pilot program, finds itself without a budget and seeks core funding. Interested partners are urged to act quickly – without immediate assistance this exemplary project will be lost. was produced in collaboration with the National Film Board, Human Resources Development Canada, Canada Arts Council, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture, Concordia University, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and EyeSteelFilm.