Sunnyside last day

Good pitching done late yesterday, with Yung pulling out the Miracle fruit on the people at National Geographic and pitching his Fruit hunters film. The fruit turns everything in you mouth from sour to sweet … so we handed out lemons wedges that became magically delicious. However, the weird side effect at a cocktail party is that wine tastes like bad sangria. And beer is just weird.

Later, attended (semi-crashed) a nice birthday dinner celebration for Stephanie from Virage, with fine Montreal and Paris colleagues. Monique Simard from the NFB hosted the evening and taught a table of 20 people the simplest way to seperate a cheque for 20 people: everyone pays the same amount and if you didn’t drink wine or eat lobster that’s too bad for you.

The streets and bars got weird late at night, as it was graduation day at the local university, and it was last night for the Sunnyside doc market, and the King of Pop died. A strange whirl of emotions certainly. And even stranger with the miracle fruit effect lingering in one’s mouth.