Daniel Cross, Yung Chang, Peter Wintonick and myself are all at the 20th anniversary of Sunnyside of the Doc in La Rochelle, France. Today we had a 9am pitch of OpenSourceCinema to 50+ members of the European Broadcasting Union. We kicked things off with some loud GirlTalk music (which always enlivens Powerpoint presentations!) and powered through 45 minutes of open source content from all our projects–from Homeless Nation to wacky Xmas music. Definitely fun. Got to use that little remote control that comes with Macs.

Sunnyside is a massive market in LaRochelle, the Atlantic-side port city where the Huguenots and Jacques Cartier sailed from. Today is technically the day before the documentary market officially kicks off – they’re setting up all the booths. Tomorrow, the meetings start. We’re also pitching Yung’s new film and playing Up the Yangtze on Friday part of their retrospective on the last 20 years of documentary.